Working from home is more popular than ever, and creating a functional at-home workspace is the key to productivity and success. These five tips from COW-ORK will guide you to a workspace that better accommodates your needs without breaking the bank.

1. Get and Stay Organized
Cubbies, shelves, and cabinetry are the hallmarks of an organized office. Get rid of the clutter and move the office equipment off of your desk. Take an old bookcase or dresser and turn it into storage. Go paperless wherever possible, and take the time to organize your computer desktop with files and shortcuts. When everything has a place, it only needs a label to make it more easily accessible.

2. Decorate to Suit Your Mood
One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint, but be mindful of the psychology behind paint colors. Studies show that the saturation and brightness of colors induce an emotional response. Blue is soothing and inviting. Green evokes positivity. Neutral colors can create a clean feeling, but try to avoid stark white because it can make you feel anxious. You can also boost your mood by adding some indoor plants in your office.

3. Use Equipment That Makes You Productive
If you use a laptop for work, you may find that the trackpad and small keyboard slow you down. You don't have to buy an expensive PC to upgrade your work speed. Find a compatible mouse and keyboard to turn your laptop into a PC when it's at your desk.

If you need more internet speed, upgrade your wireless router. Most internet services provide you with a modem and router, but those are rarely the top quality. Purchasing your own can not only speed up your internet connection but also save money in the long run by cutting out the monthly equipment rental fees on your internet service bill.

4. Get the Right Furniture
Office furniture is often pricey. Even a small writer's desk can be expensive, and a productive workspace needs plenty of desk area. Rather than spending a large part of your budget on a desk, find a standard, pine rectangular kitchen table and turn it into a workspace. You'll even have more room underneath for filing cabinets or other storage space.

Look for a quality office chair that has the right height, is adjustable, and offers lumbar support. There are great options available for people on a limited budget. You can find a simple and inexpensive chair with an ergonomic design, and you do not have to sacrifice style for function.

5. Find the Right Space
Sometimes your home no longer provides adequate space to accommodate all your needs, and you have to consider finding a new one. When that happens, you can look for a home with a standalone home office. Or you can join COW-ORK and work from Miami's most authentic cafes, restaurants and hotels while collaborating with creative people.
As you create your at-home workspace, remember to designate an area away from high-traffic areas. It's important to keep your work and home life separate as much as possible. And if your current workspace isn't working, learn more about COW-ORK’s inspiring co-working spaces!