Tell us what Montruh is and what makes it different.
Montruh Creative is a brand consulting agency that helps scalable start-ups, entrepreneurs, and musicians clarify their visual identity. Many of our clients' potential is untapped. They seek clarity in the fog, a voice amidst the noise. That's where we come in. We bring your untapped uniqueness from the shadows to the light. My agency takes time to look into the longevity of your brand and not just a one-off transaction.

What makes you passionate about your job?
I've been in the business of design since middle school (roughly 16 years), I started in the myspace era where I learned about basic HTML coding and layout design, this is where I realized I enjoyed studying aesthetics and polishing the image of personal brands. Fast forward and I now have my Bachelors of Science in Graphic Communication and have been operating my business since 2011. Ultimately, design is meant to provide solutions, it modernizes our world, builds communities, and improves our lives - this is what drives my passion daily.

A strong feature of Montruh is listening to your client’s desires and staying true to their identity and what they want to represent. How important is that when building the image of a brand?
Details are key in every design process, but, It's important to consider the "big idea" when building a brand. Through trial and error I've done business for clients where "a la carte" services were offered and it helped short term, however, when I realized that taking a more holistic approach and thinking about their needs 5 years down the line, this ended up being more beneficial for their brand's success.

When it comes to content creation, what are three pro-tips you could share with our community?
Pro tip #1: Plan/produce content months in advance so you're not doing everything on the fly, this helps you stay on top of your deadlines and keeps your real-time content fresh so you're not overwhelmed.

Pro tip #2: Break your content down into digestible snippets. Micro-content will act as cookie crumbs, you want to avoid your audience from getting "content fatigue" with bulk content in one post. Let your content slow burn.

Pro tip #3: Never underestimate recycling content you already posted. Your new audience may not make the effort to crawl your feed. Repurpose your content and bump up your top posts!!

We believe a creative mind’s fuel is mostly inspiration, that later on becomes a concrete idea/project. How do you usually get inspired? Does working at our venues help your creativity flow by always choosing your "office" ?
Absolutely, I'm extremely inspired by the COW-ORK spaces. I enjoy the fact that I can support local businesses and immerse myself in different atmospheres to brainstorm in - it's' a win-win. The ability to choose where I want to work is brillant, some days I like to work solo by the oceanside or be in the middle of the city where I can meet with my clients and collaborators.

Our philosophy at COW-ORK is to offer spaces that can inspire and motivate each COW-ORKer. We believe that wellness and work productivity are strictly correlated. What is your experience so far? What could improve this bond between work and leisure?
Wellness is big for me. I appreciate the fact that the places selected are thoughtful for creative flow and encourage healthy lifestyle like the Standard Spa. Areas of improvement can be developing a better line of communication between COW-ORKers and the work spaces.