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As a parent, you're driven to provide the best future for your children – but if you're disabled, you already know that finding a job is a challenge. CNBC notes that statistics bear out that year after year, adults with disabilities are underrepresented in the workforce. Sometimes, you have to take the bull by the horns and make your own success. A home-based business gives you more time with your children and provides financial security. That’s why COW-ORK has put together some information and resources to help you start a successful business.

Talk to a Financial Specialist
According to the website Disability Secrets, if you receive Social Security Disability Insurance, your income can affect your SSDI payments. Talk to a benefits counselor who specializes in governmental assistance programs and can help you understand how your business affects any benefits you receive, including Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

If you decide to proceed with your business, your next steps include setting up an Employer Identification Number, creating the appropriate business entity and filing paperwork for a business license. Starting your business on the right foot with well-organized paperwork makes it simpler to file your annual or quarterly taxes and keep your personal and business finances separate.

Plan Your Business
Think about business opportunities that allow you a flexible schedule and align with your skillset. You could sell handmade items like clothing, jewelry or art online. Use your business skills to work as a freelance remote assistant. Provide coaching to businesses trying to be more disability-friendly. Start a daycare that specializes in children with disabilities.

Once you've got your idea, start developing your business plan. A great business plan is your key to funding and laser-targeted marketing. If you need more help getting started, free help is available from your local Small Business Development Center. The SBDC has the resources to help you with everything from developing business ideas to business plans.

You may also find an accessible co-working space that puts you among other like-minded entrepreneurs. Such a working arrangement is convenient and affordable. In fact, savings come in many forms, including free wi-fi, discounted or free drinks and snacks, and items like office supplies that are often shared.

Find Funding
Once you've got your plan, it's time to shop it around and secure funding for your business. You should certainly pursue traditional loan opportunities. Work with the Small Business Administration to find loans with no hidden fees and the lowest available interest rates. It can also help you find investors for your business.
Don't be afraid to think outside the box as well. Look for grant opportunities that lower your loan debt. Disabled World points out that grants might not be directly related to your business. Look for one that can help provide extra care for your child while you focus on getting your business off the ground. The money you save on basics is money you can funnel into your business.

Market Your Business
Finally, get out there and find customers through marketing. Tell your family and friends about your new business venture. They're your first leads and your biggest supporters. As part of your go to market strategy, you should also consider using a marketing strategy template whenever you’re launching a product or service so you don’t accidentally miss or neglect a vital step. After all, you rarely get a do-over in today’s competitive business world.
Establish your website and social media presence, focusing on the customers and niche you defined in your business plan. Let customers get to know you through profile interviews on social media. If your business focuses on customers who also have disabilities, explain your experiences and expertise.

Smooth Out Invoicing
Getting paid on time is an essential part of managing your business’s cash flow, which is why you need strategies for creating, sending, and managing your invoices. It’s easier to get paid on time when you’re able to accept payments from your app or website. Fortunately, software integrated with a balance API allows you to get paid online and makes sure your customers have enough funds available so they won’t have to worry about overdraft fees.
With these five steps, you're on your way to a business that means more time with your family and a better quality of life for you and your children.