1. You should always find value in the coins you want to invest. Value could be found in projects that are trying to solve issues such as privacy, scalability and interoperability. We identified 6 broad categories of value…

  1. Right: By having tokens you get some rights such as voting 

  1. Value Exchange: to help buyers and sellers trade value within the ecosystem - helps people gain rewards upon completion of particular tasks 

  1. Toll: Can act as a toll gateway in order for you to use certain functionalities of a particular system

  1. Function: token can enable holders to enrich their user experience of the particular env (Brave browser allows holders of BAT to get the right to use their tokens to add adv or other services in the platform)

  1. Currency: store of value used inside or outside system 

  1. Earnings: equitable distribution of profits or other benefits among investors 
  • The more utility the token provides by ticking off these properties the more value the token into the ecosystem 

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