We read on your insta-bio “ soulpreneur “  would you define that for us?
A soulpreneur is an entrepreneur or anyone else who looks at life, and business, as an opportunity for expression of their higher self.  A soulpreneur knows that great compassion not only helps others but helps themselves on their own journey. Living in the digital age presents both challenges and opportunities, so I wanted to use the platform to be a voice of inspiration and education in people’s business and personal growth. Environmental degradation, pollution, unethical business corruption, social injustice – are just external manifestations of inner imbalances. It starts with the employer and the consumer choices, and we see those decisions manifest into our business success one way or another in the long run. So as a soulpreneur, I strive to build sustainable business solutions for myself and my clients.  

You and your sister are the founders of CADA consult. How was it born?
The name CADA translates to “each” or “every” in english, because I wanted to work very boutique-style. Being conscious of the fact that each company/brand has its own mission and vision. The one-on-one personification was what I wanted to focus in, and being productive in giving all my attention to the right clients. The name is also the combination of the first two letters of my brother and sister’s name, Camila and David. I wanted to add that familiar touch as well. 
In 2019 I leased out an office space in Wynwood and Camila, an environmentalist and industrial engineer, joined in as a partner September of that year. When the pandemic hit, we realized more and more companies and brand were being impacted on the spheres of sustainability and wellness, and it was the perfect time to revamp the business and strategize our original business model. 

What makes CADA special? What is your mission?
Our mission is to offer sustainable business solutions that welcome the transition towards a more conscious lifestyle.We are special because we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life to its fullest potential through a holistic strategy and customized design process. We thrive in a constant state of growth and evolution. With more access to technology than ever before, consumers and business owners seek a more mindful approach to their offerings and experiences. We help our clients stand out and communicate in a modern tone with a strategically fearless and sustainable model. 

Is there a little something that you could tell us  to understand the importance of buying and making sustainable clothing?
As consumers and retailers, we need to understand that we are a part of a circular economy. If you think of sustainability it’s the foundation is based on 3P’s, they are — People, Planet, and Profit. The fashion industry is one of the largest consumers of the global water supply and produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions — more emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. It’s no secret that making some changes in our wardrobe habits can make a big difference, overall. However, changing the current system demands a unified radical transformation at both a corporate and consumer level.

Three key points for future business that strive to be sustainable. 
1. Book a consultation with us and implement sustainable and green business strategies. Consider anything from energy auditing, holistic marketing, certifications, social profitability, or environmental law. 
2. Change your lifestyle to reflect the values and services of your business.
3. Take action on sustainability, transparency and fair employment.

Our philosophy at COW-ORK is to offer spaces that can inspire and motivate each COW-ORKer. We believe that wellness and work productivity are strictly correlated. What is your experience so far? Are you excited about our partnerships with wellness studios? What could improve this bond between work and health?
Wellness and work productivity are very much connected. I can’t be my fully productive and motivated self if I don’t take care of my mind and body first. I love the flexibility COW-ORK offers and the fact that you’re partnering up with unique and inspiring locations. I can’t wait for the wellness studios partnership!