If you are a business owner or modern working person, you have probably heard the term coworking and shared office space. These new styles of office space are taking over the business community as they allow small business owners, freelancers and even remote employees the opportunity to join the newest innovation of a shared office space. Here we have compiled a list of benefits one may find working out of a shared office: 

Networking Opportunities

Usually those working out of a small shared office space are ones looking for more opportunities in the community. This does not mean they aren’t established or a front-runner in their field, but that they are willing to co-mingle and network with others in the coworking office community. If you are working from home, you are depriving yourself of the ability to connect with other individuals. As your office space is limited, you have more opportunities to connect with others outside of your small team, or even outside of yourself (if you are riding solo). This will warrant new opportunities to drive your business forward. Networking never stops, no matter how successful or big your business may get, so taking advantage of the people within the shared office space is basically free and fair game. 


When you purchase or lease an office space, you are confined to that space until the lease is up. You cannot add more square footage and walls unless you want to fork over a ton of cash. With a coworking space, you have the ability to expand your team, and therefore your business, without the financial burden. If the majority of your team members are working out of the coworking space, you can upgrade the membership to allow for bigger office space, or if people choose to work from home, down size your space. This doesn’t require a bulldozer or months of construction time, but rather a negotiation with the shared office owners to find a solution that will better fit you and your team’s needs.

A Temporary Arrangement

Linking to expandability, you also have the ability to use the shared business space for shorter periods of time. If your team works across the nation, or even the globe, but are coming together for a meeting or conference, you can rent a coworking room only when you need it. There is no need to scramble to find a spot to work if you plan ahead. Call the coworking space to see their availability for the number of people on your team to find a shared office space that can accommodate the work that you and your team will be doing. It is always great to get your staff together, even when it can be so rare and few between, and a coworking space is a great place to have the flexibility to do so.

If you are a freelancer, or just someone riding solo, it’s also great as a test run. If you are not a huge fan of the coworking space arrangement, it’s not like you are tied down to a year long agreement. This can also be on the contrary, and if you are a huge fan of the shared office space life, you can extend your membership, or possibly upgrade your work experience. 

Get Creative!

Coworking and shared business spaces are chalk full of creativity. Whether there are whiteboards on the wall, touch screen projectors, or even a nice snack station, every small bit that surrounds you can spark creativity, or even a conversation amongst coworkers that will lead to a new thought process. You have the ability to connect with individuals outside of your business, that may in turn, spark something you may not have thought of before, and lead you on a productive journey to success. Even switching seats or sitting in a new corner of the coworking space can foster something that you may not necessarily have had access to before. 

Shared Receptionists

At a typical office, you would need to either hire receptionists or assistants for the entire office, or one for higher up professionals at the company. At a coworking space, there are receptionists there at your disposal to help with anything you may need, within reason. An office space with a shared receptionist allows you to elevate your business and have someone handle incoming calls and requests. This is perfect for a startup business, as you want to make sure you have the machine running smoothly before you onboard and run a more expansive program. 

The receptionists at a shared business space are shared amongst other businesses working out of the coworking space, so be mindful of their time and workload. They may have more than one business they are working for, so it is important to have a conversation with them on their workload, as well as with the other businesses that they may be working for, to know the best way to create an equal balance that is both comfortable and communicative. 

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