As you have probably heard your entire life- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, as we are rushing out the door to make it to that early work meeting, it may be the last thing on our minds to grab a banana or whip up some scrambled eggs. Having an office breakfast meeting is not only a great way to gather employees together, but provide that fuel you so desperately need to start your day. Are you not so sure how to get started? Or how much fruit for 40 guests to eat you will need? Read on to find some of our favorite staff meeting food ideas to kick off your work meeting in a positive way:

Ask First!

The best way to come up with the best office breakfast ideas for your staff is to start by asking the team. Send out an email about a week before the meeting and ask, “Hey! What is your favorite breakfast meal?” to gain a general idea of what they would like to eat. Obviously, it is important to preface the email by saying this is not turning into a full on breakfast buffet, but you want to give the team a voice in the food options. You can throw in some potluck theme ideas such as bagels and schmear, smoothie bowls, or if you are feeling fancy, an omelet bar. You want to make sure you are spending the money correctly and aim to buy food you know will be eaten, rather than thrown out at the end of the day.

Make it a Celebration (when necessary!)

If you are planning something a little more elaborate to go along with the meeting, such as a birthday breakfast or special holiday game, decorating is a must. Who wants to show up to a special event without any balloons or streamers? Even though the meeting is mostly business related, it is okay to have some fun and spice things up with a happy birthday song or presents. There is also great benefit to throwing a Thank You breakfast. This shows your staff the appreciation you have for them and their work, as well as extend the thanks they may not be hearing every single day. If you are in a management position, maintaining the respect and relationship with your employees is key to cultivating a positive work environment. 

Have the Numbers 

Make sure you have an accurate headcount of who will be at the meeting, as well as who is planning on indulging in the menu. Some staff may have dietary restrictions, or enjoy eating meals made at home. There is no reason to shame these people for it, but to encourage them to bring something into work so they can eat alongside the rest of their staff. Having a lot of food go to waste because you ordered too much, or having too little food because you underestimated the number of people, are two scenarios you really do not want to face. 

Set it Up

If your breakfast meeting starts at the top of the workday, you may need to recruit some help to set everything up. If you want to make an elaborate set-up, it may not be time efficient to do it alone. If you have people willing to help, let them! It would be redundant to have a staff breakfast without any food, so call in the order a few days before so you know it will be prepared in advance. However, if the meeting is going to be a small portion of the staff and you are only going to be picking up a few donuts, the job can be done solo before the meeting begins.


Gathering your staff together for a meeting is an essential part of maintaining company cohesiveness and communication between coworkers. This time allows for you to sit and discuss the upcoming week, what needs to be done and what has been completed. It does not always need to be so serious, so kick back and enjoy the bagel with cream cheese and piping hot coffee with the staff. Having some breakfast snacks for meetings are also great if you are not looking to make a whole meal out of it. A few donuts and muffins are great for a quick 15 minute regroup, and still an opportunity to feed your staff. This little act of kindness and appreciation goes a long way in the end. 

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