Many times people do not understand how the world of business and creativity can intertwine. For some, the importance of creativity is set aside for painters and artists to create something new and interesting for their audience to be captivated by.

What they don’t realize is that the companies they purchase products and services from on a daily basis use the same method when building a brand or product from scratch. Businesses use creativity to build opportunities and create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Creativity supplies new and growing businesses with the inspiration they need to build out new innovations in their respective industries. 

The Role of Creativity For Innovation

Creativity is crucial because of its highly competitive nature throughout the global market. Without creativity there would be minimal innovation between companies, as they would all follow the same rules and techniques. As competition emerges from new technologies, the desire to be the best in the market drives the people behind it. Individuals and groups collaborate together to take creative business ideas and build them into reality. 

Creativity opens the door to more business opportunities. Without a creative mind, technologies would still emerge but producers wouldn’t explore them enough. They would simply try to build a better product, and move forward. Innovation needs creative people to discover great ideas that will flourish among others.

Brilliant Individuals, Together

In 2019, LinkedIn named creativity one of the top skill companies need the most. Stefan Mumaw, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, defines creativity as, “creativity is problem-solving with relevance and novelty.” In other words, solving active problems in a way that hasn’t been done before. Employers are seeking creative minds to join their teams because individuals can add creative value to their business and drive results. 

Do not worry - if you feel like you or your team is missing this important skill set, creativity is something that can be practiced. There are people with a more natural ability, but just like many other skills, you can get better at thinking creatively. With some research and practice, if you believe you are not creative, you can learn to develop your creative skill.

Although creativity involves individual problem solving, a company relies on many people to achieve business goals. Organizations should have a diverse group of people working together to bring the best of the best. Having a team of people from different cultural backgrounds with different specializations can boost productivity and introduce new, fresh perspectives. 

Boost Creativity in the Workplace

Does your business provide a welcoming environment for new idea opportunities? Whether the organization shares a remote or in person work space, building an innovative team stems from a good corporate culture employees can succeed in. Without the right environment, it will be difficult to get any type of creative energy flowing.

If your business has a safe, welcoming environment it will encourage a non-traditional form of problem-solving. Employees will be able to explore their own creative abilities, which in the end can add merit to the company.

Another benefit of having a healthy space is that it will motivate team members to push themselves to grow professionally using a creative mindset. The use of creativity in business can even encourage a collection of feedback from co-workers and executives. It can be rewarding for them to surpass expectations and bring fresh ideas to the company. This makes people feel appreciated and promotes productivity altogether.

While it can be a challenge in itself to include business creativity in the everyday workplace, it can significantly increase the success of an organization. It’s important to have a place employees can collectively express their creative ideas to gain feedback and produce tangible results.

By taking chances, your business can be a leader among others, defining the future of your industry. You’ll be happy you used your creative tools. 

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