The time has finally come: you’ve founded your company and you’re now wanting to get yourself out there to get as many leads as you can. We get it, you want to grow your company as quickly as possible. Good news is you don’t need to spend fancy bucks on a PR agency or invest too much time flying around the country pitching to potential investors. A powerful pitch email can do a lot for you and your business, so learning how to leverage good writing can truly be the thing that propels you forward. If you want to know how to write a pitch email that successfully helps your business, and want to see an example and a template, keep reading!

It’s All About The First Impression

When you outreach a potential client or investor, it’s always important to keep in mind that the first impression you give them will either break or make your chance of making a deal. A pitch email is your one-shot opportunity to give a positive, remarkable impression that will leave the reader wanting to learn more about you and your business. Some ways to leave a good first impression include:

  • Humanizing your message: make sure you sound like a real person, not a robot, and talk a little bit about yourself, what you do, your interests, why you’re contacting them. Use a voice that speaks to your personality and charm.

  • Give them a genuine compliment: when you compliment someone, you’re establishing a connection and letting them know you admire something about them. When you’re specific, and point out something unique about the recipient, you’re also letting them know you care about them and that you’re not sending a blast email or copying and pasting a template. 

  • Offer value: show your reader that you are offering a great opportunity for them as well, and make sure you explain why they should work with you above everyone else. Build that trust and let them know their interests are also part of your commitment to working together.

Make Your Subject Line Glow

There’s no better hook for a pitch email than a brilliant subject line. When you think about emails from people you don’t know that have successfully made you open them, what about the subject line caught your attention? The ultimate goal is to make a subject line that’s so good, the recipient will get hooked on it and will want to find out more. Two things that are important to keep in mind: make it short and add some personalization. Be very straightforward and add a little personal touch so that your recipient knows it’s not a generic spam message.  

Refine Your Target

Keep your target audience as qualified as possible. Although it might be tempting to want to email Elon Musk, that might be a little bit too ambitious. Think of people who would be actually interested in your business and who might even benefit from working with you. Even better if you’re reaching out to local businesses/entrepreneurs, as there’s a higher chance that they will see value working with another local business. Try to keep a low chance, mid chance and high chance list of people for outreach so that you’re not wasting your time reaching out to people who most likely won’t even have the chance to look at your email.  

Mention Any Relevant Connections

If possible, make a mention about someone you might know in common or someone who gave you their contact info. Writing something such as “person X suggested I reach out to you because…” Or if there are no mutual connections, you can mention something interesting you know about them, such as “I am a fan of (Insert person’s product/service), as I’ve been using it for a couple of years now” or “I am a follower of yours on Twitter and enjoy reading about your entrepreneurial opinion on…” When you let them know you relate to them in any way, there’s a higher chance for them to keep reading and potentially give you an opportunity to pitch your idea.

Keep It Short and Sweet

This one is crucial. While you might feel the urge to delve deep into where your idea started and how you feel about your company, keep in mind that people are busy and there’s not time to waste! Plus, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so don’t make them open the email and get attacked with heavy blocks of text. Get to the point quickly, be direct and keep it short. Try to keep your pitch email below 200 words for optimal results. 

Time to Shine

Here’s the part where you really need to sell yourself and your company. Why should the reader give you a chance? What’s going to make you truly stand out from the crowd? Talk about your mission, your own story, your passion and what you aim to accomplish. Be as specific and relatable as possible without deterring from the main point. Remember you don’t want to drift away on unnecessary tangents. Keep your sales pitch focused and short, but as juicy as can be!

Finish Off With a Bomb Ending

Sign off your email in a way that invites the reader to do something, or lead the way for a next step. It can either be asking for a phone call setup, suggesting an idea for working together, or asking about meeting up for an appointment. This goes without say, but always remember to thank them for their time and show you’re excited about working together. Also, make sure you provide your contact information, be it phone number, LinkedIn, or other relevant social media.

Pitch Email Example

Now that you’ve gone through the process of learning how to write a pitch email, you should see a pitch email example. Below is a pretty standard pitch email for you to get some inspiration from:

Subject Line: Let’s Grow Your Organic Traffic Together

Hi Jennifer,

I’m glad we met at SXSW last week, and especially enjoyed learning about how your business is currently expanding to the Florida market. I think my company can absolutely help you in your efforts to improve your organic traffic growth for your website. 

I completely understand how frustrating organic traffic growth can be, but fortunately I have more than 8 years of experience dealing with these sorts of pain points and I have to say I’ll be happy to help out. With our strong blogging efforts and in-depth keyword research, our team can certainly help you achieve the results you’ve been wanting to see for so long.

Do you have 10 minutes this week to talk about a strategy we put together to fully achieve your objective? 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Kind Regards,


Email Pitch Template

Below, you will find an email pitch template that will help you get started. Feel free to use it as the bones for your pitch.

Dear/Hi (Name),

My name is (Your Name) and I am a (Job Title) at (Company - if applicable). [I was thrilled to stumble upon (Their Company Name) a few weeks ago] OR [(Name of Mutual Contact) has told me so many great things about (Recipient Company/Work They’ve Done). I find (Specific Aspect/Work They Do) incredibly (interesting, helpful, exciting, other adjectives that fit appropriately). I would love to (Your Offering).

I have (Work Done) for companies like yours for (Number) years, most notably (Previous Client) and (Previous Client). Some of the (specify things) I'm most interested in are (interest), (interest), and (interest). 

Are you currently seeking to (your offering)? If so, are you free for (a quick call, a 30 minute meeting, etc) on (specify day or week)? I would like to tell you more about the way in which I can help you (insert benefit for recipient i.e. achieve your goals). 

Thank you for your time,

(Your Name)

(Your Website)

(Your Phone Number) 

Now that you know how to write a pitch email, you’re ready to shoot for the stars. Before hitting send, make sure you’re doing so at an appropriate day and time - Tuesday through Thursday between 9 AM and 4 PM works best, as Mondays and Fridays emails tend to be overlooked. For more guided articles and brilliant tips about coworking, entrepreneurship, workplace success, and much more check out COW-ORK’s blog. You’ll be able to discover the greatest tips and tricks to success for you and your business.