As 2020 hit us with a pandemic, the world had to adapt to new ways of working. Offices shut down, people were furloughed or laid off, and others were sent home to work remotely. While many struggled to adjust to the drastic change, many others enjoyed the benefits of working remotely. However, remote work isn’t an entirely new concept. The concepts of a remote workplace and a remote employee have existed for a few years now, thanks to technology and high-speed internet. But what does it mean to work remotely and what are the benefits of working at home or anywhere else other than the office? We gathered a few of these benefits below, so keep reading to find out!

Sky-Rocketing Productivity
One of the biggest advantages of remote working is not having to commute or sit in stand still traffic for long periods of time. This allows more time for work rather than waiting to get home or the office. Another reason why productivity skyrockets when working remotely is there are less distractions. Remote employees skip the workplace chit chat or small talk with coworkers and are served with less interruptions that are common in a physical office. 

Remote employees have the opportunity to fully manage their own time, which gives them enough freedom to allocate their day-to-day tasks better, based on the time slots where they’re most productive. It’s a productivity optimization opportunity that regular workers don’t commonly have.

Cost Reduction
With remote work, comes reduced costs. From an employee perspective, there’s no money spent on commuting from home to the office. One can even argue there’s no need to purchase lunch at a nearby café, and there’s even a cost reduction of the time spent cooking take-to-work meals early in the morning.

From a company perspective, one of the main benefits of hiring remote workers is the decreased labor costs. Many companies that outsource a service, such as call centers, do it because labor costs abroad can be significantly lower than in the US. Remote workers abroad benefit from American remote companies because there’s an opportunity for them to apply for highly-sought U.S. jobs. It’s a win-win for both parties!

Access to a Global Pool
A remote business that’s looking to hire anywhere can benefit from a wider applicant pool. Same goes for individuals who seek to apply to a remote position: they have the whole world at the tip of their fingers. People can hire or apply to jobs from anywhere in the world and still be able to fully function successfully thanks to technology. Remote work programs and apps like Gmail, Zoom, Slack, Skype, Google Docs and many more are incredibly useful to connect people that are towns, cities, and countries apart. 

Better Work-Life BalanceRemote employees have the advantage of having a better work-life balance. Good news: well balanced people are more productive employees. Having schedule and location flexibility allows remote workers to enjoy leisure activities such as traveling, joining a fitness class and playing with your kids or pet among many others. As long as they comply with their tasks and duties, they can manage their time as they prefer. Additionally, there’s less inconveniences with the employer when a doctor’s appointment comes up or there are any urgent home repairs that need to be attended.

Freedom to Customize 
For those who have a hidden interest in interior design, remote work allows for lots of customization. Being able to work from home allows for remote workers to completely pick their remote work space. Whether it is opening up some space in a corner at home, or joining a coworking space, remote workers have full freedom to work wherever they feel most comfortable. 

There are multiple benefits of being a remote employee working offsite: from increased productivity, to reduction of costs, and even a freedom to pick where to work from. It’s no wonder remote work has become an incredible solution for many people in this day and age, and will likely continue to be a popular concept in the future. If you’re looking to transition into the coworking lifestyle, you can check out COW-ORK
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