Working remotely has its perks, from staying in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas to a minimal commute from your bedroom to your desk. This way of company operations is seemingly becoming the new normal as we face various congregating restrictions among the COVID-19 pandemic. But, there is an even better way to brighten your workday and it is as simple as changing your working environment. Having access to different workspaces will allow you to find what creates efficiency for your work schedule and promotes the best version of your working self. Here is a list of some of the best unique alternatives to working from home:

Local Coffee Shops
Sometimes the best thing to break up a mundane work day is to travel outside of your bubble. Whether it is a home office, bedroom, or even the kitchen table, a change of scenery can create a new spark of motivation. Spending time operating out of a coffee shop has bountiful benefits. Firstly, you have great access to brain fuel and the aroma of caffeine alone is enough of a stimulus to get you motivated. The best coffee shops to work are ones with a communal countertop or table, which allows you to have more room and the ability to not accidentally bump elbows with your neighbors. This is a key factor in an alternative workspace as you need to be able to set up your space comfortably.
However, there are pluses and minuses to any space you work in, and a coffee shop is no exception. It is not the best spot to be if you are going to be on work calls, as the noise from the other customers, baristas and background music can become distracting for you and even those on the line. You also do not want to be loud speaking on the phone and disrupt the even level of noise, so remember to be courteous if you do need to make a call. You cannot be the person taking up too much space, as you must account for other customers who may possibly be working as well, or just sitting down to enjoy the ambiance of the coffee house.

Parks and Recreation Areas
What is better than the great outdoors? Fresh air, the sites and sounds of our natural environment, and even the occasional dog on its daily walk, are great energy boosters, leading to a more productive scenario. Whether you live in a suburban neighborhood or the midst of a bustling city, there is always a spot of nature to be found. Fire up the personal hotspot, or maybe invest in an on-the-go router, and take your work outdoors. Using a computer outside can create a glare, so be sure to try to find a spot with some shade that will also lower the chances of it overheating. You also may just pick a spot that is close enough to a library, local park, or anywhere with free Wi-Fi that you can connect to.  
Be careful, though, as you may venture out too far, and if the clouds rumble in, it will become more of a waterpark than a nice outdoor office. The spot you choose may also have spotty Wi-Fi signal, or possibly no connection at all. You also want to be wary of trespassing laws and regulations in the area to be sure you will not have a run-in for possibly breaking the rules.

Restaurants and Cafes 
Setting up in a restaurant or cafe to work is similar to a coffee shop, but possibly a bigger menu. While at a cafe or restaurant, you most likely will have access to meals that can hold your hunger over throughout the day. However, food is not free, and you have to fork over some cash in order to stay satiated. You also may not be advised to bring outside food and drink, so be careful. Make sure these restaurants and cafes allow you to whip out a laptop and some notes, as they may not be equipped for patrons who are looking to stay around longer than a decent meal. Ask a staff member on their rules for long term guests before you run into any issues.
Create relationships with the staff members, as becoming a regular will allow them to be more comfortable with letting you linger, but make sure you know if you have overstayed your welcome. Most places will have a lunch rush, or even close their doors for a period of the day for dinner turnover. Do not take up a table if there is a long line of customers waiting, or reservations packing in. This may disrupt your day, so be mindful of when it is time to take a break to pack up and move your setup elsewhere.

Hotel Lobbies 
Some of the best places to work remotely can be places you would least expect. One of these are hotel lobbies. Obviously given permission, using the amenities of the best hotel lobbies will give you a space to congregate with other remote workers and hotel goers. Think professionals on a business trip trying to get some work done with access to coffee and a continental breakfast. This can be you too, but make sure you are not freeloading. Speak with the concierge to find a way of payment, whether this be a hot coffee from the hotel bar, or even a snack from the market; do not try to cut corners.
During the work week, the lobbies may be pretty vacant, so it can be the better option when you need to take phone calls, or even set up a quick one-on-one meeting. It is always important to remember to be respectful to the hotel guests, as well as staff, because you do not want to cause an issue and possibly be banned from the hotel (even for overnight residence purposes).

Coworking Spaces
From free options to monthly memberships, a coworking space is the perfect spot to work remotely. Everyone in the space is there for the same goal-  to work efficiently on their tasks without the restraints of a typical office. You have the ability to work independently, or even work with your team. Ditch the need for a monthly lease on an office space, and find a coworking spot that works best for your business. You have the ability to subscribe to a plan, so if the space no longer fits your needs, you can easily adjust or rejoin at any time.
Understand that coworking spaces are not just a place to plug in your computer and grind for 8 hours. These spots are cultivating an environment for remote workers, as that is their sole business model. You have the opportunity and luxury of enjoying the amenities, guilt free, and still have the experience of an office lifestyle.

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