With the recent surge in remote work, along came new working arrangements that differentiate from the traditional office space. As newer concepts arised, such as shared coworking, hot desking and open office arrangements, individuals all over the world have begun to switch up their work setup. But, what is hot desking? What other desk arrangement ideas exist, and which one is the best for you? We got your back, so read on to find out!

Hot Desking 101

When it comes to hot desking, we’re talking about multiple people sharing a common “desk” or work station. With the emergence of hundreds of different coworking spaces in the last few years, hot desking became a popular working arrangement for those individuals who don’t require a private office or private desk and who don’t want to spend a ton of money renting a more permanent space for themselves. Firstly, let’s establish the coworking space definition: a place where multiple individuals share a common work space. It differs from a regular office because a coworking space is not owned or occupied by one single company, but rather by completely different individuals who are either self-employed, work remotely or have a small team. One of the best things about coworking spaces is exactly that: you get to share the space with people from different companies, professions and backgrounds — which is not a common benefit of having a whole office space for your one particular company. The environment at coworking spaces is usually very tech, independent and motivation-oriented and offers lots of networking opportunities — after all your neighbor could be your next client!

Within a coworking space, there are different plans or arrangements that you can sign up for. One of the most popular is the hot desking arrangement, where you basically share common facilities such as desks, chairs and phone booths with other individuals. It essentially follows the “first come, first serve” premise, as you don’t have an assigned location to sit or work at. In this aspect, hot desking could be similar to how college students file in at the school’s library, where they just grab a seat wherever they find an empty space.

Of course, hot desking has one of the best advantages when it comes to working arrangements and it’s the fact it is much cheaper than, say renting a traditional office and getting tied down to yearly leases. The flexibility that hot desking offers is a great plus for those who are willing to spend a lower amount of money on a physical location.

Is There Another Office Arrangement Within a Coworking Space?
If you’re looking for other office arrangements in a coworking space, there are usually others to choose from. Many coworking spaces offer private or personal offices with one desk to a bigger room with enough desks and space for entire teams. The plus side of these sort of setups is the ability to leave your equipment inside the office and there’s no need to have your laptop, charger, notebooks, etc. with you every time you need to work because you‘re the only one with access to it. You’ll get a key and voilà! The office is now yours. Another alternative hot desking model that is extremely convenient is actually offered by COW-ORK. We offer a network of alternative coworking venues all across Miami in some of the greatest neighborhoods. These include cafes, restaurants and hotels that are used as coworking spaces during slow working hours. Having access to these locations is great, as you’ll have lots of options to choose from especially when you want to go somewhere that’s nearby. 

Is Coworking Right For You?

Coworking spaces are used by all sorts of people around the globe. With the rise in high speed internet and technology, remote work has increased, allowing coworking spaces to be an excellent solution for many individuals. You might wonder whether coworking is the right arrangement for you, and to that we say it’s great for virtually anyone! From entrepreneurs, influencers, independent contractors, business people, specialists, students, freelancers — pretty much anyone who has work on their plate and needs a place to focus can benefit from joining a coworking space. 

Whether it’s hot desking or other desk arrangement ideas you have in mind, check out COW-ORK — where membership is only $89 a month and you get the freedom to access a whole network of partner locations in top rated neighborhoods around Miami. Find your nearest location here and get started with your best coworking solution!